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Occasional Tables

Occasional Tables Occasional tables are great for adding a bit of stylish function to any room. We all know the standard uses in the living room with coffee tables and lamp tables, but where else around your home could you use an occasional table? Well lets take a look at what else these little   little jewels can offer throughout… Read more →

A dining table festive makeover by Better Furniture

A dining table festive makeover by Better Furniture The time of Christmas that we all look forward to is sharing Christmas dinner around the Christmas dining table. That time of year has come.  We all decorate our homes and adorn them with decorations for the month of December. Christmas is here and apart from the presents for the children it is… Read more →

Decorating Reduces Seasonal Affective Disorder

Decorating Reduces Seasonal Affective Disorder First off you ask what is seasonal affective disorder, SAD. SAD is a form of depression that people experience at particular times of the year. Most of us are affected by the change in seasons, it is normal to feel more cheerful and energetic when the sun is shining and the days are longer, or… Read more →

Wardrobe Organisation

Wardrobe Organisation Have you ever dreaded opening your wardrobe first thing in the morning knowing what you were going to face looked more like something out of a horror movie rather than that well organised space that makes getting ready in the morning more streamlined and a breeze to find exactly what your looking for in a blink of an… Read more →

Create Your Home Office

Create Your Home Office When you create your home office some of us tend to buy a desk, a chair, a lamp and place the computer on the desk setup and hope for the best with little or no thought about how everything works together. What often results is a mess of wires, haphazardly placed piles of stuff that only… Read more →

Vermont Reclaimed Oak Furniture

Vermont Reclaimed Oak Furniture  For a limited time we have on display in our Norwich store the Vermont reclaimed oak bedroom furniture and of course the Vermont reclaimed oak dinning room and living room furniture. The Vermont reclaimed oak range is a bold and beautifully finished rustic range that has a character of it’s own and the natural characteristics of the timber are not considered faults but are a… Read more →

Milan Style Comes to Norfolk

Milan Bedroom range is a beautiful and stylish modern range choice for your home. The Milan Range is showing on display at our Norwich & Great Yarmouth Showrooms With it’s black glass and contrasting inset panels the Milan from our Elements Collection is a spectacular example of contemporary style and modern day elegance. The black glass sits beautifully alongside a finish called… Read more →