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Weird Tricks to Help You Sleep

5 Weird Tricks To Help You Sleep from Jonas at BetterFurniture.co.uk What keeps you awake at night? Whether its money issues, thinking about all the countless things you have to do tomorrow, or simply not getting enough exercise during the day, we all go though stages where we have trouble getting to sleep. For some its more serious than others, and… Read more →

Trouble Sleeping? Long Term Effects Without Sleep.

Long term effects without sleep can be a very surprising and enlightening read.Many of my regular readers will already have an idea from previous blogs about poor sleep and the benefits of a good nights sleep. How much rest on average we all need has always been well documented, and I have looked into the different ways we can improve on… Read more →

Better Furniture Store Norwich

The Better Furniture Store Norwich is celebrating being in its second year and we’ve been reflecting on how far the store has come in such a short space of time. From designing the new store layout to the actual re-fitting it was no easy task getting ready for the grand opening on Boxing Day last year. Situated on Barker Street… Read more →