Textures – Floor Rugs at Better Furniture

Textures - Floor Rugs at Better Furniture

Textures Interior Style Ideas – Floor Rugs at Better Furniture, Choosing a rug for your home.

The right choice of floor rugs will prove practical as well as decorative. There are a few basic rules which, of course, can be broken.
A plain rug on a patterned carpet will look fine, but be careful when adding a patterned rug to a patterned carpet. This doesn’t usually work. The safest bet there is to choose a plain rug, perhaps picking out a detail colour to emphasise it.

Textures - Floor Rugs at Better Furniture

It’s a great idea to use a long pile floor rugs on a short pile carpet. Even the same colour can be effective as it produces a contrast in textures. Long (or shag) pile carpets will flatten quite noticeably under a rug. Best avoid that situation.
All rugs supplied by Better Furniture are “hot off the loom” and usually rolled.
It’s a good idea to reverse roll your new rug for a while to make sure it lays flat. A brand new rug will also shed fibres at first. This is not a fault. These are loose fibres from the manufacturer and a good vacuuming will soon sort it out.

A heavy rug is often used on a wood or laminate floor to add colour or warmth. These are frequently hessian backed which can scratch your flooring over time. To avoid this, look out for a neoprene non-slip backing the same size as your rug.
Here at Better Furniture we are proud of the variety of rugs we have on display in our room sets and a chat with one of our in-house specialists will clarify the ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘which’ of rug choices.
We also have a fully stocked rack where the customer can view the complete range unwrapped for our staff to lay out for you because they always appear smaller in the store.


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