The Chamberlain Chesterfield sofa

The Chamberlain Chesterfield sofa


Chamberlain Chesterfield sofa


Brand new at Better Furniture.

The Chamberlain is without question a a stunning variation of the traditional Chesterfield style.

It is available in the most luxurious of premier leathers, and elegant velvets.

With deep quilted buttoning and glorious comfort, you will not want for more.



No one really knows where the term Chesterfield comes from.  Used to describe a sofa in the 1900’s.

The first ‘Chesterfield sofa’ was commissioned by the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, so maybe this is why.

But where ever it has come from it is used to describe a sofa which has deeply padded buttons.

Chamberlain detail     Chamberlain buttoning detail

Where the arms and the back are the same height, and traditionally made in leather, or a mixture of leather and fabric.

And that is exactly what we have here in the Chamberlain sofa at Better Furniture.


Chamberlain Chesterfield sofa


This model is luxuriously deep, with soft seats to cuddle into.  A more contemporary design.

Traditionally the Chesterfield sofa is quite narrow and firm due to the horse hair used in the upholstery.

But these days we want more comfort and style.  Our Chamberlain sofa has a foam seat cushion surrounded by fibre.

Great for support, easy maintenance and comfort.

The beauty of the range is that not only can you choose your leather covering but you can combine it with fabric.



Add your own style and choose from variations of fabric and leather.  fabric and leather choices


A range of full and semi aniline leathers to select from, ( ), ensures the classic look of this sofa.

Soft and warm, and beautifully natural, this sofa will only look better with age.

It will tell a story, adding its own character, as it softens and wears in time.

Chamberlain sofa  Comfort, sophistication and elegance, ideally describe this sofa.

Once a must for the privileged aristocrats, the chesterfield sofa is no longer the sofa for the elite but the ideal furniture for people with great taste.

So come down and see us at Better Furniture where you can be one of those lucky people to own the Chamberlain.

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See you soon.