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Wall Mirrors at Better Furniture

With over 10 different styles of Wall Mirrors, your are spoilt for choice at Better Furniture.
Whether it be an Oak Frame, Sheesham Frame or even a Painted Frame…We have styles and sizes to suit everyone.

The History of Mirrors…

The first mirrors to be used were not made from glass, but likely to have been a pool of dark still water, but the earliest manufactured mirror was made from pieces of polished stone, mainly from a naturally occurring volcanic glass. Examples of these polished pieces of stone date back as far as 6000BC in Turkey!

Mirrors have also been found to have been made from polished Copper, and these have been found in Ancient Egypt from back in 3000BC!

So it goes to show, we’re not the only society who are concerned about the way we look!

What we use as a mirror today – Silvered Glass – was invented by a German Chemist, Justus von Liebig in 1835.

He found that by putting a thin layer of metallic silver onto the glass through a chemical reduction of silver nitrate. This process has now been adapted and has made mirrors readily available at affordable prices. This is where we at Better Furniture come in!

Let’s have a look at a small selection of Wall Mirrors that we have available…

Wall Mirrors from Better Furniture

Vermont Reclaimed Oak Large Wall Mirror...

Vermont Reclaimed Oak Large Wall Mirror from Better Furniture

This Reclaimed Oak Mirror measures 150cm wide by 105cm high.
Made using selected reclaimed oaks, this is a range that is built to last.

New Natural Thakat Mirrors…

New Natural Thakat Large Wall Mirror from Better Furniture

This Range has a selection of 3 different sizes, so regardless the wall you have available, one of the 3 should be the right fit!

The Large Wall Mirror measures at 137cm wide by 91cm high.
The Medium Wall Mirror come in at 122cm wide, by 91cm high.
Lastly, the Small Wall Mirror is 66cm wide by 91cm high.
Made from an Indian Rosewood (Sheesham), due to the nature of the wood having the light and dark grain, you will never find 2 Wall Mirrors the same from this range.
All of these 3 Wall Mirrors come with fixings so they can be hung either Landscape or Portrait.

Toulouse Distressed White Painted Mirror…

Toulouse White Painted Distressed Oval Mirror from Better Furniture

This Wall Mirror comes from one of our Bedroom Ranges, but that’s not to say it cannot be used in another room in the house.
It has that French Shabby Chic look, and will really be a feature in any room.
Measuring at 67cm wide x 85cm high it’s not the biggest of Wall Mirrors we have but it really does have a lot of character!

Toulouse White Painted Distressed Wall Mirror Detail from Better Furniture

We do have a load more Wall Mirrors in Store! Why not pay us a visit?

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