Ways of colour coding your home

Colour coding your home

This is not as difficult as you may think, in fact colour coding your home is relatively easy once you get into the swing of things!

The trick is to take it slowly, and think about which colours you would like to use.

RED – symbolises passion, but can also mean anger or feelings of anger

ORANGE – symbolises communication and optimism

YELLOW – symbolises intellect and cheerfulness

GREEN – symbolises balance and growth, but can also be a symbol of jealousy

BLUE – symbolises trust and peace, also loyalty and integrity

INDIGO – symbolises intuition and idealism, ritualism and addiction

PURPLE – symbolises imagination, creativity and individuality

Opera GreysColour coding your home

Picking a neutral base colour is a great way to enhance the colours that you are hoping to put elsewhere in the room.

Adding splashes and accents of colour makes all the difference and can really change the “feel” of a room.

Maybe you could consider His and Hers pieces to give a modern twist on colour coding your home? These Chairs look great and add a personal touch.

Colour coding your home Colour Coding your home

 Ways of Colour Coding your home with Accessories

This can also be a great and simple way to make a dramatic change using only a few small pieces to update you home and enhance what you already have.

You can view our whole range of NEW ACCESSORIES with this link.

Even adding something as small as an accent cushion to your sofa/chair can make all the difference. Check out these funky ones!

colour coding your home stag-cushion Colour coding your home

I hope that this has been informative, and has inspired you to take a look at colour coding your home!

Stay tuned for further blogs on tips for your home, and little bits of inspiration to help guide through decorating you home!

Thank you for your time, until next time folks!


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