Ways to make your Living Room Feel Bigger

Ways to make your Living Room Feel Bigger

Good Day to you and welcome to my blog about ways to make your living room feel bigger. I think it is time we all had a look at how we can make the most of what we already have. At Better we have ways to make your living room feel bigger.

At Better Furniture we are always thinking of ways to make the pieces of furniture you buy, more practical, more useful and most of all ensuring the quality is high and the price is low.

We would rather you use the Free Delivery and assembly we offer* Let us do the Donkey work for you, after all it is free* terms and conditions apply

With Better Furniture we can do a pre purchase visit from our in house logistics team. They will check and measure access points and will be able to advise you on the best way forward. Who knows?? This could be your dream suite and you don’t even know it yet. The best thing to do is take some measurements and bring them in to the shop for us to have a look at with you. You will also be able to mark out in your room exactly were the pieces are going to go and also if you still have walkways and space to move about.

Ways to make your living room feel bigger

In some households the Accessories are just as important as the colour of the room or the furniture within.

Maybe you should have a look at some colour beneath your feet? Better Furniture is moving on with the current trends and now have a new member of our expanding team to work on the presentation and shop floor side of the business. All good news for you guys, simply more will be available on the website and in store so you can have a closer look before you buy.


If this is not quite your thing then not to worry as we have a massive selection to choose from. Click ‘Accessories’ for more information.

Quite often we find that the items we have in our rooms are all used to filling capacity but when you have a long hard think about it, do you really need all those odd bits and pieces. The answer is probably not, so a little bit of advice before you arrange delivery or find the perfect compliment to the rest of your room, see if you can save some space by cleaning out and throwing out the old tat you no longer need. Now you have had a long look at what you can throw away or store (in the loft) do it. Once this is done you will be able to re think your furniture moves. This could change the room completely or just enough to fit your new sofa or sideboard into the space. This can create an impression of clearer spaces, this can in turn mean your room looks fresh and brighter. A bright freshly coloured room can be the key to the all round impression your house gives. Hopefully helping to give you a ways to make your living room feel bigger!

Ways to make your living room feel bigger


Feel free to pop into either of our stores for friendly advice, a cup of tea or coffee and a chat with one of our furniture experts. We want to find you what you need and we want you to feel comfortable looking for that ideal product.

Thanks again for taking you time to read my blog. Feel free to bend my ear and fire some questions at me.


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