Weird Tricks to Help You Sleep

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What keeps you awake at night? Whether its money issues, thinking about all the countless things you have to do tomorrow, or simply not getting enough exercise during the day, we all go though stages where we have trouble getting to sleep. For some its more serious than others, and it can feel like you never get a good night’s sleep.

Well don’t despair! With National Bed Month in March I thought I’d share with you some interesting insights including my best 5 weird tricks to help you sleep.

In 2013 the Sleep Council conducted the big ‘Great British Bedtime Report’ on the state of the nation’s sleep and sleeping habits. The results were quite surprising.

The State of the Nation’s Sleeping Habits

1. The average Brit goes to bed at 11.15pm.
2. The average person in the UK gets just 6 hours 35 minutes sleep per night.
3. 63% of us sleep on a divan bed.
4. 7.9 million Brits use alcohol to get to sleep while 6.8 million self-medicate with over the counter sleeping medications.
5. Almost 50% of people say that stress or worry is the main cause of a sleepless night.
6. High earners on £65,000+ per year get the best nights sleep compared to those on low incomes of £15,000 or less who sleep the worst.

It is widely believed that 8 hours sleep a night is needed. But although NHS guidelines state this isn’t necessarily true for everyone, research shows that most people function better, are more productive, and feel more refreshed after between 8 – 9 hours sleep a night. So, if like the average Briton you go to bed at 11.15, you will probably feel much better getting up between 7.15 and 8.15! But how practical is that?

Although the Sleep Council don’t recommend any good weird tricks to help you sleep they do have some great advice and more can be found at

5 Weird Tricks To Help You Sleep

So without further delay let me share with you some interesting tips to help you get a good night’s kip. And yes I’ve tried them all 🙂 Here’s my top 5 weird tricks to help you sleep…

1. CURL YOUR TOES – Yup that’s right, curl your toes. It may sound a little odd but it actually works! Curl your toes in and hold for a few seconds, then release and repeat. This surprisingly helps you relax your body and mind.

2. ONLY BREATH TROUGH YOUR LEFT NOSTRIL – This is actually a technique used in yoga. Try laying on your left side and close your right nostril with your index finger (on it not in it)! Then start deep slow breaths. This technique is believed to help reduce blood pressure and enables you to relax.

3. RUB YOUR BELLY – This may sound like a really weird trick to help you sleep, but it does work, honest. Start in the centre of your belly and rub in circles in one direction, getting wider and wider. Then go back in the opposite direction getting smaller and smaller. Use a light touch and repeat until relaxed, or even better, asleep!

4. TRY TO STAY AWAKE  – This is one of my favourite weird tricks to help you sleep. Tell yourself early on that you are going to stay up tonight. Plan something that you want to stay up to do. Your mind will rebel against you and before you know it you’re feeling sleepy. Works for me every time.

5. HAVE AN ACTIVITY YOU ONLY DO WHEN YOU GO TO BED – Now this one is weird but works. It was recommended by a friend of mine. Get yourself into a routine that you only do at bedtime to program your mind to wind down for sleep. For example: ‘Every night I am going to listen to white noise and rub my forehead!’

How Do You Sleep At Night?

Do you have any weird tricks to help you sleep? Please share by commenting below. We would love to hear how you get to sleep and your personal tips for a good night’s rest. Just press ‘Leave a Reply’ at the bottom.

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