What is Aniline leather?

What is Aniline leather?

Aniline leather, is a leather in its most natural form.   It is a leather that is selected from only the best quality hides. It has been simply dyed,  has no correction or top coat applied to the surface.  As a result it has a luxurious look and a soft, natural feel.

With a full aniline leather you are able to see the actual natural grain and markings. The natural characteristics of the hide.

Aniline leather

Tips to help you identify an aniline leather…

  • As this type of leather is so natural, it will feel warm to the touch and lovely and soft.
  • If you were to lightly scratch the surface you will leave a scratch mark.  It will age and gain more and more character the older it gets.   If you like the perfect finish, an aniline finish is not for you.  I would recommend a semi- aniline leather where a top coat has been added, making it harder wearing in terms of scratches and marks.
  • This type of finish to a hide is very absorbent as a result of having no surface protection.  A drop a water on the surface will help determine if it is aniline or not.  If it is, then it will go a darker shade where the water touches.  This will dry back to the original shade.
  • It will vary in shade of colour, you will see, crease and folds, bite marks,  and a variation in the grain.

Aniline leather

What is aniline leather?..

As it is so absorbent, it will attract dirt and spills, this will make cleaning more difficult because you will only be able to clean the surface of the leather.

This is where this type of leather really suits some styles of sofas.

For example at Better Furniture we show the Chamberlain in a full aniline leather.

Aniline leather sofa

This Beautiful, modern chesterfield style, will undoubtedly get better with time.  As the natural oils from you skin and hair add to the natural characteristics of the leather.  In my opinion your sofa will then tell a story of its life.  With its marks and scratches, maybe from the children, darker patches, maybe where Dad sat, all adds to its beauty.

Aniline leather

To look after aniline leather, simply lightly vacuum or brush the surface if there is excessive dust and dirt present.  This will prolong the life of the leather itself.

Only clean it using the correct recommended products.. Do NOT over wet it.  and once cleaned you can condition it, this will add a level of protection.

Better Furniture Online

At Better Furniture we will advise you the best way to look after your aniline leather on your sofa, to get the most life from it and enhance its best attributes.