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Find out where to buy beds in Great Yarmouth.

Sleep came into the spotlight this week, with reports on Breakfast News and features in the National papers.
The Sleep Council have concluded extensive reports and the results are out!

The Sleep Council went back to the basics to find out just how many of us are suffering from poor sleep quality and the results are interesting. After reading this you may need to know where to buy beds in Great Yarmouth so come and see me today!

Where to buy beds in Great Yarmouth if your sleep is getting away from you


What is the nations average time for going to bed?
What things may keep us up at night? Or what things help us sleep?

The Results According to The Great British Bedtime Report:

* A third of the population (33%) now get by on five to six hours sleep a night compared to 27% in 2010.
The majority of people (70%) survive on seven hours or less.

* The average Briton goes to bed at 11.15pm.

* As many as 7.9 million use alcohol to help them get to sleep at night, whilst 6.8 million self- medicate with over-the-counter tonics.

* Those earning between £65 – £75,000 get the best nights sleep, whilst those on less than £15,000 sleep the worst.

* People who do regular exercise of five to six times per week are the least likely to take medication.

* More than one in five people have said that they could improve their sleep simply by buying a new bed.
Seven out of ten (72%) follow The Sleep Council advice and replace their bed every 5-7 years.

* Divan beds are the most widely bought type with 63% of us sleeping on one.
31% of us choose a 5ft bed (King size).

My personal feelings are that the two most important pieces of furniture in our home are the beds that we sleep in and the chair or sofa we sit on in the evenings
after a long day at work.

There is no disputing that a good nights sleep contributes to our physical and physiological wellbeing.


Sleep for the cat was great!

A healthy diet, regular exercise and a supportive sumptuous bed will help ensure a good nights sleep by all.






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